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> The importance of the Cucuteni discoveries


Mentioned in the historical sources for the first time in 1662, the Cucuteni culture joined the universal cultural circuit at the end of the 19th century through the discoveries on Cetatuia Hill. Here, the workers in a stone quarry dug fragments of beautifully painted pottery and clay idols and these were proofs of the most important neolithical culture from the south-east of Europe.

Eighty years later, the Cucuteni culture recaptured historians and archaeologists? attention with other two discoveries from Geto-Dacian times. The first was a golden thesaurus accidentally found in Baiceni village, Cucuteni communa, consisting of a helmet and other 70 pieces. It appears that the helmet belonged to la local leader, probably burried in one of the funeral knolls from the area. The second discovery was a funeral knoll on the Gosan hill and, judging by the inner architecture and funeral inventory , it was considered a princely tomb.

All these made Cucuteni very famous and it also helped it become part of the universal patrimony.

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