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> Importanta descoperirilor de la Cucuteni

The Geta-Dacian discoveries

Two other important discoveries made the Cucuteni name famous in the scientific and museological world and they are related to the Geta-Dacian times. The first one was a golden thesaurus from the beginning of the 4th b.C. discovered by chance in Baiceni village, Cucuteni comunna, at the end of the 50s. It had 70 complete pieces and fragments made of 18 and 24 K gold weighing more than 2 kg.

The most important piece is a helmet worked with the cold hammering technique and made of 24 k gold. Its shape is longish and it has a rectangular opening for the face, a frontal, and protection for the cheeks and the nape of the neck. On the frontal part there were made two eyes with brows and accolades using the repousse technique.
The parts for the cheeks and the nape were also decorated. The right cheek had a dressed man sitting on a throne in an apotheotic posture, holding a cup in the right hand and a ryton in the other. On the left cheek there were two snakes with bird heads, symmetrically disposed, and between them there was an ox head with big hornes. On the nape part there were two winged horses standing back to back. The helmet, reminding of these of the sarazine kings, was for parades just like the other helmets found at Agighiol, Poiana-Cotofenesti or Portile de Fier.

Another valuable piece was a bracelet made of a twisted cylindered bar, having at the ends two small horse heads with horns symmetrically arched towards the nostrils and having a filigree rosette fixed on a plate on the forehead.

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